Let's Meet!

Your tool for digital sovereign Videoconferencing.

Meet: the secure and open source videoconferencing solution for professionals

Display name

Room name

Use directly

Start your call right away, no waiting for an app to download from the app store

Adaptive UX

Whatever device you use, Meet adapts to the digital environment in which you work

Secure communication

No third parties to eavesdrop on your conversations, it's just you and your group


Make video calls that are really private

Video calling with Meet is private and secure Video calling with Meet is private and secure

Your privacy matters. That’s why video calls with Meet take place directly between you and the people you call, with no third-party in between. This way the provider's server will never have direct access to your calls. On top of that, all your calls are encrypted.

Kopano Meet screenshot

Easily switch devices during your group video call

You're in the middle of a group video conversation that's taking longer than expected and now you gotta go? No problem! With Meet groups, you can easily switch devices during a call without disturbing the rest of the group. How?

Just close the app on one device and join the group from another device without missing a second of your meeting. Nice!

Join calls with a single click on a link

We’ve all been through it. You’ve scheduled a video call with someone outside your company and the moment you want to start the call you are prompted to download a plugin or extension.

With Meet, this nuisance is something of the past. Call whoever you want, directly, without having to install an extra app.


Hassle Free Installation

Unlike most other apps, you do not need to go to an app store to install Meet. Instead, you can open Meet directly from your browser. Want to access Meet from your mobile phone or tablet in just one click? All you need to do go is visit the app URL in your browser and click the ‘add’ button to add Meet as an app to your device.

Screensharing From Your Browser

Thanks to WebRTC technology, Meet allows you to communicate directly with your colleagues, without having to go through a someone else’s server. It also enables you to share your screen directly from your browser through streaming, in the same way as other media is streamed.

Ready to get started?

Secure and open source communication software under your control



10users *

10 users with an account

2group meetings **

max. 2 parallel meetings


€75 per month

billed anually

25users *

25 users with an account

5group meetings **

max. 5 parallel meetings


Need more users or custom features? Let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

suggested for enterprises

* Amount of users who can login to Meet with their own set of username and password

** Amount of group meetings to be held at the same time. Group meetings are a special type of meeting that allows to speak to multiple participants at the same time. These participants can be regular users in Meet or guests invited through a shared link.

Ready for your own Meet-ing?

SaaS version

No setup required

Your virtual meeting-room

Create rooms, invite colleagues or friends

Meet Appliance

ready to use images and apps

Private and public rooms

Create users to access private rooms

Meet as container

based on Docker compose

Connect to your directory

Allow your company to login & meet

Meet Packages

Linux-packages for different platforms

Highly flexible setup

Install your own Meet on your Linux-server
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